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Inconspicuous solutions, conspicuous success

Age is of almost no relevance formodern orthodontic treatment! The correction of dental and jaw misalignments is possible at almost all ages.

The necessity for an orthodontic treatment does not always have medical reasons, but is also on individual, social and aesthetic grounds. Nowadays, not only the health but also an attractive appearance play an important role when it comes to a successful career and social acceptance.

Did you know that adults laugh 15 x per day but children do so up to 400 x per day?

Orthodontic treatment aims at achieving optimally functioning and attractive dentures that you will like to show when you smile. For adults, the awareness of dental gaps, an incorrect jaw position, misaligned teeth and the resulting impairment of the attractive smile is developed further than is the case with children. With our treatment, we would like to intice you away from this impairment and help you to experience more laughing and smiling. After all, it is not for nothing that there is a saying that: “Laughing is healthy”.

A perfect smile is so important

In the scope of a “Smile Survey” study, 1,000 adults of both sexes were asked about the relevance of a perfect smile:

  • 94% pay attention to the person opposite them when holding a conversation
  • 85% believe that attractive teeth are an important factor in connection with the famous “first impression”
  • 90% are convinced that they will have more success with the other sex with an attractive laugh
  • 87% believe that attractive teeth result in an elevated self-esteem and self-consciousness.

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An improvement of the dental and therefore facial aesthetics is especially an important reason for commencing with orthodontic treatment as far as adults are concerned. Please feel free to make a consultation appointment under the number 0234-1 20 50 that does not place you under any obligation whatsoever or contact us using our online appointment form.

© Ormco Corporation 2008

© Ormco Corporation 2008

Non-allergic brackets

We are able to offer patients with a nickel allergy inexpensive but nevertheless high quality nicke-free titanium dental brackets. Alternative highly transparent ceramic brackets are also possible for high aesthetic demands. We can also offer you gold dental brackets that are invisibly mounted on the inner surface of the teeth – the so-called lingual technique.

© Ormco Corporation 2007

© Ormco Corporation 2007

Damon system – nobody likes to have teeth extracted

damonWith the Damon system, it is possible to provide the treatment without extracting remaining teeth in most cases. This innovative treatment method is a passive, self-ligating bracket system. The wires are attached without any additional wire ligatures or rubber. Self-ligating brackets are inconspicuous, comfortable and carefully move the teeth by applying biological forces. The duration of the treatment is mainly shorter than when using conventional permanent dental brackets.

What is the difference between the Damon system and the standard dental bracket?

  • the extraction of the remaining teeth is often avoidable
  • an attractive smile is achieved faster
  • excellent wearing comfort
  • easy to clean

© Ormco Corporation 2008

© Ormco Corporation 2008

Insignia – computer aided dental correction

insigniaThe new INSIGNIA technologie provides a customised and tailored dental correction as the anatomy of your jaw and teeth is as unique as your fingerprints. The computer support enables us to optimize the treatment plan far in advance and already present you with a virtual 3D model before commencing with the treatment so that you can see what your teeth will look like at the end. This enables you to convince yourself in advance that the end result will be a perfect one.

This gentle, comfortable and individualised method helps to avoid an extraction of the remaining teeth in most cases.

© Ormco Corporation 2008

© Ormco Corporation 2008

Clear Braces - The Clear Choice for Performance in Aesthetics

iceDid you know that dental brackets exist that are so transparent that they are almost invisible when mounted on your teeth? Most of the patients dislike permanent dental brackets because of the noticeable metal brackets. As an alternative, you can choose aesthetic brackets that are made of artifical sapphire. Their heat polished surface makes them smoother than metal brackets so that they are also more hygienic. Sapphire brackets are an excellent choice if you have high aesthetic demands and they can even be combined with metal brackets for cost reasons.

Compare_ICE_to_MetalInspire Ice brackets exceed your expectations

  • an attractive smile without metallic glinting
  • quality that makes no compromises
  • no discolouring
  • maximum wearing comfort

You will find additional information here.

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© 2009 TOP-Service. All rights reserved.

Lingual technique – straight teeth for all ages with the invisible dental bracket

Lingualtechnik-MeinLachen’08-510.tifThe lingual technique is a permanent dental bracket that is carefully adhered to the inner surface of the tooth making it invisible – this means that it meets the very highest demands. By applying the lingual technique, it is possible to correct the teeth as successfully as with a conspicuous dental bracket that is positioned on the outer surface of the tooth, providing you with an attractive smile without restrictions during the treatment. Brackets applied to the inner surface treat the tooth with much greater care, as the inner surface of the tooth has a higher degree of resistance to demineralization and caries. We exclusively make use of brackets from the Incognito and WIN systems that are individually customised for each of our patients. The Incognito system uses gold brackets and is especially suitable for patients who suffer from allergies.


Show your smile, not your dental bracket

Our practice is a certified member of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Linguale Orthopädie“ (DGLO) and the “European Society of Lingual Orthodontics“ (ESLO). You will find additional information at: and at:

Removable devices: the invisible path to your most attractive smile

clearaligner-copyrightCA® CLEAR-ALIGNER

The CA® CLEAR-ALIGNERs are almost invisible transparent wafer-thin plastic splints. These are customised for you by our in-house laboratory in Bochum. The patient can remove them for dental hygiene and in order to eat and they carefully move the teeth into the required position. Our patients find them especially comfortable to wear as they are not fixed in position with screws or wires. The CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER splints can be easily kept clean and they are very hygienic.

You will find more information here:


Invisalign offers you the possibility of receiving orthodontic treatment without you feeling impaired by a permanent dental bracket at work or in your everyday life. These are removable elastic and transparent plastic splints that are able to correct a large number of dental misalignments. Invisalign has the advantage that the dental bracket can be removed. The Invisalign splints are easy to clean.

We have been a certified Invisalign user since 2001. You will find more information here:


Combined orthodontics-surgery

Jaw misalignment in children and youths is normally corrected with the assistance of removable function orthodontic devices. Their task is to steer the growth in the right direction. After the growth phase has been completed however, jaw misalignment can only be corrected by surgical measures referred to as a dysgnathy OP.

Close cooperation between the orthodontist and the surgeon

As a jaw misalignment almost always goes hand in hand with a misalignment of teeth, the accompanying of the operation with orthodontic measures is also necessary. The aim of the orthodontic treatment is the harmonius forming of the dental arches so that these match ideally after the operation. This is the reason why the close and trusting relationship between the orthodontist and the surgeon is of decisive importance for the success of the joint treatment. This is the reason why a dysgnathia consultation is normally held at our Bochum practice on a monthly basis.036This consultation at our practice is attended by Prof. Dr.Dr. Eufinger vom Knappschaftskrankenhaus Hospital Recklinghausen. We then advise the patients who are interested in a combined orthodontic-surgical treatment together. This means that our patients do not need to go to a hospital for a surgical consultation.

Our aim: a perfect functioning and aesthetics

The primary treatment aim is the restoration of a perfect functioning of your dentures and this is the reason why the statutory health insurance companies and most of the private insurance companies and civil servant aid agencies bear the costs. The second treatment aim is always the restoration of the facial aesthetics which is a fundamental motivation for treatment as far as many of the patients are concerned.

Intensive planning for the best treatment success

A combined orthodontic-surgical treatment normally commences with the preliminary orthodontic treatment with the assistance of a permanent dental bracket. The most diverse versions are possible here, enabling us to also satisfy the needs of aesthetically demanding patients. After the dental arches have been ideally formed, the ensuing operation is initially simulated in a chewing simulator, referred to as an articulator with the assistance of X-Ray images and denture models. The patient is then hospitalised for approx. 3-4 nights. During the repositioning surgery, the bone of the upper and/or lower jaw is separated, placed in the planned position and then stabilized with small titanium miniplates. The entire operation takes placed under general anaesthesia, access being gained via the oral cavity, so that no incisions or scars are visible from the outside whatsoever.

After the operation, the permanent dental bracket remains in the mouth for a period of between three and six months, as it will be reqried for the fine adjustment of the dentures after the operation. This is also when the titanium miniplates are also removed during a minor operation that is often carried out as an outpatient.

Long-term stabilization in order to secure the result of the treatment

After the permanent dental bracket has been removed, the result of the entire treatment is stabilized for an appropriate amount of time. If desired, the stabilization can be carried out using retention devices that are almost invisible.


Snoring treatment

Outsmarting the snoring

Snoring is not only a form of noise pollution as far as the sleeping partner is concerned, in many cases it also has a strong negative influence on the wellbeing, the health, the efficiency and even the life expectancy of the snoring person.

Help against nocturnal noise pollution

Snoring originates in the oropharynx and manifestates itself in 60-80% of all males aged over 50. One of the causes is a relaxation of the muscles in the upper respiratory tract during sleep. The air passage becomes narrower and the resulting pressure causes soft tissue such as the velum and the uvula to vibrate, thereby causing the agonising snoring sound.

Sleep apnoea

In extreme cases, the air is unable to pass through these bottlenecks, resulting in breathing interruptions (apnoea). These breathing interruptions trigger a waking reaction that protects the sleeping person from suffocation. The relaxing deep sleep phase can be considerably disturbed as a result however, symptoms being tiredness during the daytime, hypertension (high blood pressure), a lack of concentration, learning difficulties, impotency, cardiac infarction or a stroke, etc.

Tried and tested anti-snoring mouthguard for a successful therapy

The adoption of measures at an early stage can prevent severe health impediments being caused by the snoring. An anti-snoring mouthguard can provide fast and effective assistance and is deemed to be the standard therapy of snoring which proves its success.

We would be pleased to advise you on the therapy that is best for you. Ask us!