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Healthy and attractive teeth for a successful future

The correction of teeth and jaw misalignment is possible at almost all ages. It is the case however that the therapeutic effort is normally lower when treating children than when treating adults. During the paediatric dentures formation phase, the jaw and the teeth can be placed in the optimal position easier than is the case later, as the potential for growth that exists suffices.


Better early than late

Numerous cases of teeth and jaw misalignment is caused by damaging habits (e.g. sucking thumbs) or the general dental health (e.g. premature loss of a milk tooth). These teeth and jaw misalignment can already be prevented in the milk dentures by adopting preventative measures in good time, resulting in the future denture development being able to progress undisturbed.


PlatzhalterMinimise the risks for the remaining teeth.

Should a milk molar become lost due to caries for example, the remaining molar mainly moves forward, thereby reducing the amount of space that is available underneath the lost milk tooth. This can therefore not break through correctly. A dummy can help here, this being worn at night in addition to it being removable.



MundvorhofplattePrevention in the case of damaging habits.

A malfunctioning of the lips, the tongue or damaging habits such as thumb sucking can cause teeth and jaw misalignment and speech errors or worsen an existing one. In such cases, a vestibular screen or in difficult cases, comprehensive early treatment is recommended. A vestibular screen is a simple orthodontic apparatus that is held between the lips and the teeth – in what is referred to as the oral vestibule. With this therapy, it is possible to remedy a malfunctioning of the tongue or lips or prevent thumb sucking as required. This enables the risk of a transfer to the remaining dentures to be reduced should there be a misalignment of the milk dentures.




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At the interface of health and aesthetics

Orthodontic treatment corrects tooth and jaw misalignment so that the entity that comprises the teeth, periodontium,the jawbone and the jaw joints present a perfect positioning and function. This prevents excessive and unequal loads being applied during the daily eating and chewing. Not only that: straight teeth make dental hygiene

easier and reduce the risk of caries and parodontitis. This means that the chewing organ remains healthy and expensive prothetic care can often be avoided. The aesthetically high quality result of our treatment is only retainrf if the dentures function perfectly.

The best possible treatment success due to customised treatment planning and customised treatment apparatuses.

There are numerous teeth and jaw misalignment cases that cannot be treated with an “allround therapy” or an “allround dental appliance”. This is why we prepare a customised treatment plan for each of our patients, that is exactly tailored to his or her needs.


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Removable Appliance

Overnight success

There are various types of removable dental appliance available that among others, have the task of making use of the child´s growth spurt in order to support the growth of underdeveloped jaws. Individual tooth misalignment can also be corrected by using removable dental brackets.

Club affection on the dental appliance

After the jaw has been moulded using plaster models, our removable dental appliance are individually customised for our patients in our in-house practice laboratory. They are made of high quality materials. The plastic part is available either as a transparent plastic or as a coloured version. This enables each of the patients to choose his or her favourite colour such as the colour of their favourite soccer club including the club emblem.



The best customised dental appliance for each of our patients

The following list provides you with a summary of the different types of removable dental brackets. Together, we shall find out which type is best suited to you or your child during a consultation appointment.

aktive-platteActive plate

With its spring elements and screws, this removable dental bracket ensures an effective dental movement and jaw lengthening. The active plate is to be worn at least 16 hours per day.


doppelvorschubplatteDouble feed plate

As with the active plate, the double feed plate provides an effective dental movement and jaw lengthening with spring elements and screws. it also controls the growth of the lower jaw with two ridges being responsible for the forward displacement of the lower jaw.


The activator can also be used to control the jaw growth and harmonise the function of the tongue, chewing and lip muscles. Make an appointment with us for a personal consultation. We will find the right device for your needs.

fraenkelFunction controller according to Prof. Fränkel

The great benefit of the function controller according to Prof. Fränkel is the regulation of the jaw parts and the harmonisation of the tongue, chewing and lip functions. It is very comfortable to wear despite its size as it does not come into contact with the area of the tongue.

Not only that, almost all of the invisible removable dental appliance can be used for children.

clearaligner-copyrightCA® CLEAR-ALIGNER

The CA® CLEAR-ALIGNERs are almost invisible transparent wafer-thin plastic splints. These are customised for you by our in-house laboratory in Bochum. The patient can remove them for dental hygiene and in order to eat and they carefully move the teeth into the required position. Our patients find them especially comfortable to wear as they are not fixed in position with screws or wires. The CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER splints can be easily kept clean and they are very hygienic.

You will find more information here:


Invisalign offers you the possibility of receiving orthodontic treatment without you feeling impaired by a permanent dental bracket at work or in your everyday life. These are removable elastic and transparent plastic splints that are able to correct a large number of dental misalignments. Invisalign has the advantage that the dental bracket can be removed. The Invisalign splints are easy to clean.

We have been a certified Invisalign user since 2001. You will find more information here:


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Permanent brackets

The recipe of success for straight teeth

Permanent dental brackets are the best aid for lastingly straight teeth and an attractive smile. The permanent brackets are carefully adhered to the teeth so that they are able to permanently and simultaneously work on the moving teeth – applying a small amount of pressure –. One of the benefits is that the treatment mainly takes place without the cooperation of the patient.

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Different types of permanent dental brackets

One basically differentiates between two different types of permanent dental brackets: such that are mounted on the outer surface of the teeth and those that are mounted on the inner surface:

Permanent dental brackets on the outer surface of the teeth:

damonDamon system

With the Damon system, it is possible to provide the treatment without extracting remaining teeth. This innovative treatment method is a passive, self-ligating bracket system. The wires are attached without any additional wire ligatures or rubber. Self-ligating brackets are inconspicuous, comfortable and carefully move the teeth by applying biological forces. The duration of the treatment is mainly shorter than when using conventional permanent dental brackets.

What is the difference between the Damon system and the standard dental bracket?

  •  the extraction of the remaining teeth is often avoidable
  • an attractive smile is achieved faster
  • excellent wearing comfort
  • easy to clean

insigniaInsignia system

The new INSIGNIA technologie provides a customised and tailored dental correction as the anatomy of your jaw and teeth is as unique as your fingerprints. The computer support enables us to optimize the treatment plan far in advance and already present you with a virtual 3D model before commencing with the treatment so that you can see what your teeth will look like at the end. This enables you to convince yourself in advance that the end result will be a perfect one.

This gentle, comfortable and individualised method helps to avoid an extraction of the remaining teeth in most cases.

iceCeramic dental brackets

Did you know that dental brackets exist that are so transparent that they are almost invisible when mounted on your teeth? Most of the patients dislike permanent dental brackets because of the noticeable metal brackets. As an alternative, you can choose aesthetic brackets that are made of artifical sapphire. Their heat polished surface makes them smoother than metal brackets so that they are also more hygienic. Sapphire brackets are an excellent choice if you have high aesthetic demands and they can even be combined with metal brackets for cost reasons.

Inspire Ice brackets exceed your expectations

  • an attractive smile without metallic glinting
  • quality that makes no compromises
  • no discolouring
  • maximum wearing comfort

You will find additional information here.

Permanent dental brackets on the inner surface of the tooth – the lingual technique:


The lingual technique is a permanent dental bracket that is carefully adhered to the inner surface of the tooth making it invisible – this means that it meets the very highest demands. By applying the lingual technique, it is possible to correct the teeth as successfully as with a conspicuous dental bracket that is positioned on the outer surface of the tooth, providing you with an attractive smile without restrictions during the treatment. Brackets applied to the inner surface treat the tooth with much greater care, as the inner surface of the tooth has a higher degree of resistance to demineralizaton and caries. We exclusively make use of brackets from the Incognito and WIN systems that are individually customised for each of our patients. The Incognito system uses gold brackets and is especially suitable for patients who suffer from allergies.

winShow your smile, not your dental bracket.

Our practice is a certified member of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Linguale Orthopädie“ (DGLO) and the “European Society of Lingual Orthodontics“ (ESLO). You will find additional information at: and at: