Digital dental impressions for braces

Gagging, difficulty to breath, feelings of anxiety – for many people a dental impression using different kinds of impression materials is very uncomfortable experience. The mass, which is often perceived as unpleasant, has to be kept in the mouth for several minutes. The discomfort that the dental impressions cause is one of several reasons why we have been using a 3D scanner to make digital impressions in our practices since 2021.

Find out everything you need to know about how your orthodontic treatment can be planned using a digital 3D scan and why this method is also ideal for the orthodontist.

What is the 3D digital dental impression for?

To plan your orthodontic treatment as thoroughly as possible, a perfect dental impression is essential. Only then can we produce the necessary braces that will fit perfectly. A 3D dental impression has many advantages.

What are the advantages of a 3D digital dental impression?

The advantages of digital impressions for the patient are obvious. But the treating orthodontist also benefits from the precision of a 3D scan. Step by step, the upper and lower jaws and the teeth are scanned – a very precise and gentle method.

The advantages of a 3D dental impression at a glance:

  • Swift and comfortable treatment: no gag reflex, no difficulty in breathing, no pain.
  • Quick and precise result: The 3D dental impression can be presented on a screen right after the scan has been completed. Together, we can view the result within seconds.
  • The treatment outcome can be simulated – you can get a preview of how your tooth and jaw area may look after the treatment.
  • Fast transmission of the results to the dental laboratory. This means fewer delays in the entire planning and manufacturing process.
  • Simple and highly precise planning of your braces – even more precise than conventional dental impressions.

Digital orthodontics with 3D scans. Find out more in our orthodontic specialist dental practice in Bochum and Wattenscheid!

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