Removable braces for a successful treatment

There are different kinds of removable braces. These have the task, among other things, of using the child’s growth spurts to promote the growth of underdeveloped jaws and / or to inhibit the growth of overdeveloped jaws. Individual malocclusions can also be corrected with the help of removable braces.

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When and how often do I need to wear removable braces?

How, when and how long removable braces need to be worn depends on the type of treatment. In general the following applies: The removable braces should definitely be worn all night. It is usually recommended to wear them 14-16 hours per day. In rare cases, wearing them only at night is sufficient. You will receive more detailed information in your personal patient consultation.

Individual solutions for removable braces

After a dental impression or 3D scan, our removable braces are custom-made for each patient in our in-house dental laboratory. The braces are made of the highest quality material. Each removable brace has a plastic part. Patients have the choice between transparent and coloured plastic. This way, our removable braces can be customised as patients can select their favourite colour, for example the colours of their football club. Even a club emblem can be incorporated into the braces.

The following list gives you an overview of the different types of removable braces. We will be happy to advise you in finding the best solution for you or your child.

As a removable brace, the active plate provides effective tooth movement and jaw expansion with the help of spring elements and screws. The active plate should be worn for at least 16 hours per day.

Like the active plate, the advancement double plate provides effective tooth movement and jaw expansion with the help of spring elements and screws. In addition, it has the task of controlling the growth of the lower jaw. Two bars ensure the advancement of the lower jaw.

The so-called activator can be used to control the growth of the jaw. It is also used to harmonise the function of the patient’s tongue, chewing and lip muscles.

The Frankel appliance or Frankel Functional Regulator helps regulate the growth of the jaw parts and harmonise the tongue, chewing and lip function. Despite its considerable size, it is very comfortable to wear because it does not touch the tongue area in the mouth.

Furthermore, practically invisible braces can be used. These braces are called aligners. The most popular aligner systems are CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER and Invisalign. Learn more about invisible braces.

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