Fixed braces

The recipe for success for straight and well-functioning teeth

Fixed braces are one of the best aids for straight teeth and a beautiful smile in the long run. The fixed braces are gently bonded to the teeth. As a result, they act continuously and with little pressure on the teeth that need to be moved. One of the advantages is that the treatment is largely independent of the patient’s active cooperation. In addition, the teeth are moved physically, i.e. without tilting.

What are fixed braces?

The term “fixed braces” comprises all kinds of braces that are fixed. This distinguishes fixed braces from removable braces, which are only worn overnight and, for example, for a few hours during the day.

What are brackets?

The term “bracket” is often used synonymously with “braces”. However, the brackets are only a part of the fixed braces. They are attached to the teeth and serve as a kind of holder for the so-called arch wires.

The dental brackets are the most visible part of the braces. By default, they are made of metal and are therefore quite conspicuous. Brackets made of transparent sapphire are a more aesthetic alternative to metal brackets.

Different types of fixed braces

Basically, there are two different types of fixed braces: Those fitted on the outside and those fitted on the inside of the teeth.

  • The Damon system allows an orthodontic treatment that in most cases does not require the extraction of teeth.
  • Aesthetic brackets as an almost invisible solution.

The so-called lingual system describes a fixed brace that is gently attached to the inside of the teeth, making it invisible from the outside.

Are brackets suitable for persons suffering from allergies?

For patients with nickel allergies, we offer nickel-free titanium brackets as a cost-effective yet high-quality option. Highly transparent aesthetic brackets are also available as an alternative for high aesthetic demands. Furthermore, we offer golden brackets that are attached to the inside of the teeth, making them invisible from the outside – the so-called lingual technique.

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