Holistic orthodontics

Harmony and balance for the body as a whole

Holistic orthodontics not only concerns itself with the teeth, their position and the position of the teeth in relation to each other, but looks upon the body as being a whole. Screening by an orthodontist is of great importance when it comes to achieving this harmonious whole.

Early detection

This initial examination should be carried out when the child starts school as this is the only possibility of ensuring that the ideal, individually different moment in time for the commencement of the treatment is not missed. At this young age, not only can gentle growth-promoting and growth steering measures especially be brought into an ideal position in relation to each other, but also in harmony with the rest of the body. The large potential for growth that exists at this time often makes it unnecessary to extract teeth during orthodontic treatment.

Holistic orthodontics: Accompanying treatments

In some cases, the orthodontic treatment needs to be accompanied by holistic medical treatment. We are supported in this by speech therapists, ear, nose and throat therapists, manual therapists, orthopaedist and osteopaths.

Speech therapists provide a myofunctional therapy for example, and thereby remedy incorrect functions and habits in the oral and facial areas such as oral respiration, an incorrect swallowing pattern, speech defects, etc. and thereby achieve a harmonious balance. Osteopaths and manual therapists release blockages and ensure that the joints are able to move freely.

We frequently use a so-called bionator during your child´s growth phase. This is a removable functional orthodontic device that has a simultaneous effect on the upper and the lower jaw. It forms the jaw and teeth positions with gentle forces that are generated by the patient when he or she speaks and swallows.

The moving of the jaws in the correct position in relation to each other create the requirements for the vertebral column and the head and jaw joints being corrected with regard to their position and function,enabling them to harmonise. The respiration, posture and the swallowing are all positively influenced.

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