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Age is of almost no relevance formodern orthodontic treatment! The correction of dental and jaw misalignments is possible at almost all ages.

The necessity for an orthodontic treatment does not always have medical reasons, but is also on individual, social and aesthetic grounds. Nowadays, not only the health but also an attractive appearance play an important role when it comes to a successful career and social acceptance.

Orthodontic treatments for adults

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Did you know that adults laugh 15 x per day but children do so up to 400 x per day?

Orthodontic treatment aims at achieving optimally functioning and attractive dentures that you will like to show when you smile. For adults, the awareness of dental gaps, an incorrect jaw position, misaligned teeth and the resulting impairment of the attractive smile is developed further than is the case with children. With our treatment, we would like to intice you away from this impairment and help you to experience more laughing and smiling. After all, it is not for nothing that there is a saying that: “Laughing is healthy”.

A perfect smile is so important

In the scope of a “Smile Survey” study, 1,000 adults of both sexes were asked about the relevance of a perfect smile:

  • 94% pay attention to the person opposite them when holding a conversation
  • 85% believe that attractive teeth are an important factor in connection with the famous “first impression”
  • 90% are convinced that they will have more success with the other sex with an attractive laugh
  • 87% believe that attractive teeth result in an elevated self-esteem and self-consciousness.

An improvement of the dental and therefore facial aesthetics is especially an important reason for commencing with orthodontic treatment as far as adults are concerned. Please feel free to make a consultation appointment under the number 0234-1 20 50 that does not place you under any obligation whatsoever or contact us using our online appointment form.

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