Paediatric Orthodontics

The correction of teeth and jaw misalignment is possible at almost all ages. It is the case however that the therapeutic effort is normally lower when treating children than when treating adults. During the paediatric dentures formation phase, the jaw and the teeth can be placed in the optimal position easier than is the case later, as the potential for growth that exists suffices.


Better early than late

Numerous cases of teeth and jaw misalignment is caused by damaging habits (e.g. sucking thumbs) or the general dental health (e.g. premature loss of a milk tooth). These teeth and jaw misalignment can already be prevented in the milk dentures by adopting preventative measures in good time, resulting in the future denture development being able to progress undisturbed.

Minimise the risks for the remaining teeth.

Should a milk molar become lost due to caries for example, the remaining molar mainly moves forward, thereby reducing the amount of space that is available underneath the lost milk tooth. This can therefore not break through correctly. A dummy can help here, this being worn at night in addition to it being removable.

Prevention in the case of damaging habits

A malfunctioning of the lips, the tongue or damaging habits such as thumb sucking can cause teeth and jaw misalignment and speech errors or worsen an existing one. In such cases, a vestibular screen or in difficult cases, comprehensive early treatment is recommended. A vestibular screen is a simple orthodontic apparatus that is held between the lips and the teeth – in what is referred to as the oral vestibule. With this therapy, it is possible to remedy a malfunctioning of the tongue or lips or prevent thumb sucking as required. This enables the risk of a transfer to the remaining dentures to be reduced should there be a misalignment of the milk dentures.

Orthodontic treatment for children

At the interface of health and aesthetics

Orthodontic treatment corrects tooth and jaw misalignment so that the entity that comprises the teeth, periodontium,the jawbone and the jaw joints present a perfect positioning and function. This prevents excessive and unequal loads being applied during the daily eating and chewing. Not only that: straight teeth make dental hygiene easier and reduce the risk of caries and parodontitis. This means that the chewing organ remains healthy and expensive prothetic care can often be avoided. The aesthetically high quality result of our treatment is only retainrf if the dentures function perfectly.

The best possible treatment success for children

There are numerous teeth and jaw misalignment cases that cannot be treated with an “allround therapy” or an “allround dental appliance”. This is why we prepare a customised treatment plan for each of our patients, that is exactly tailored to his or her needs.

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