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This is where you will find answers to questions that our patients frequently ask. Many of them are difficult to answer because it all depends on the patient´s individual therapeutic progress. We would be pleased to answer all of your questions at a personal consultation appointment.

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No, a referral is not necessary. You can simply make an appointment with our practice.

Misalignment can be corrected at all ages as long as the teeth and the periodontium are healthy.

It all has to do with the correct dental hygiene technique. We will show you this immediately after the dental bracket has been fitted in our practice.

An individually customized treatment is necessary, based on the jaw and dental problems. We can ascertain which treatment is the best and the right one for you at the first appointment in our practice. We would be pleased to advise you.

The treatment duration depends on the extent of and form of the dental or jaw misalignment. We would be pleased to provide you with customized advice.


Toothache occurs seldomly during orthodontic treatment. Should you suffer from pains then this normally occurs during the first few days after a dental bracket has been fitted or readjusted. Avoid eating hard food during this period. Painkillers are normally not required. You should come to us without delay should you suffer from pains over a longer period of time.

Pressure marks

Please make a check-up appointment in our practice without delay, should you suffer from pressure marks affecting the lips, the cheeks, the gums or the tongue.The covering of the disturbing parts of the dental bracket with wax can bring about short-term alleviation.

Loose brackets or bands

Loose brackets or bands should be quickly retightened in order to ensure a trouble-free functioning of the dental bracket and in order to prevent the teeth from being affected by caries and decalcification. You do not normally need to consult the emergency dental service. Please make an SOS appointment in our practice as quickly as possible so that the bracket or band can be reattached soon.

Defective removable dental appliance

Bent or broken brackets are unable to correctly fulfill their function. Wobbly milk teeth or new remaining teeth that are breaking through can also impair the seating of the removable dental brackets. Please make an SOS appointment in our practice as soon as possible so that we can have the dental bracket repaired immediately by our in-house laboratory.

When providing classic orthodontic treatment, orthodontists are often forced to extract remaining teeth if there should not be sufficient space for all of them. This lack of space is easily discernible as the teeth are positioned out of line with each other or they are even interlocked with each other. Nobody wants to have remaining teeth extracted however and especially not when they are healthy. Not only that: a smile that shows all of the teeth is normally more natural, harmonius and more attractive.

With the Damon system, modern orthodontics has made a quantum leap in the direction of a gentler, careful and more biological treatment. We are able to create more space in a gentle manner by working with the body´s normal adaptability. This means that we are almost always able to dispense with the extraction of remaining teeth.

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