Damon System

Do you want to have healthy teeth extracted?

When providing classic orthodontic treatment, orthodontists are often forced to extract remaining teeth if there should not be sufficient space for all of them. This lack of space is easily discernible as the teeth are positioned out of line with each other or they are even interlocked with each other. Nobody wants to have remaining teeth extracted however and especially not when they are healthy. Not only that: a smile that shows all of the teeth is normally more natural, harmonius and more attractive.

With the Damon system, modern orthodontics has made a quantum leap in the direction of a gentler, careful and more biological treatment. We are able to create more space in a gentle manner by working with the body´s normal adaptability. This means that we are almost always able to dispense with the extraction of remaining teeth.

What is the secret behind the Damon system?

A Damon laugh is a full and winning laugh with all of your teeth. This can enhance the wellbeing and self-confidence in all ages – providing you with a young and dynamic appearance.

The medical benefits provided by straight and correctly positioned teeth and jaws are just as important however. The dental hygiene is made much easier, normally resulting in an avoidance of expensive dental prostheses. An optimal chewing and biting off means that the food is reduced to small pieces better and the entire digestive system is relieved and kept healthy. Headaches and neck pains occur much more seldom, as do certain ear, nose and throat problems. This also results in a considerably improved diction.

The brackets of the Damon system have a unique locking mechanism so that the wires that are used no longer need to be pulled tight and hard. This enables us to apply much weaker forces in order to correct your teeth. This makes the treatment much shorter, more comfortable and with fewer check-ups in the practice. Most of the patients that are treated using Damon brackets do not really notice any discomfort at all.

With the Damon Clear system, our aesthetically demanding patients can benefit from a version of the Damon system that is almost invisible. More than 1 million people around the world have been treated with the Damon system and the number of patients who only want the best is increasing on a daily basis.

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