The best moment for a treatment

A course of orthodontic treatment – and therefore the correction of teeth and/or jaw misalignments – is mainly commenced with in the second dentition phase as there is sufficient potential for growth. This enables the jaw and the teeth to be placed in a more optimal position easier.

Early consultation from an orthodontist for an improved treatment success

In certain cases, it can be necessary to provide orthodontic treatment for children of kindergarten or pre-school age and this is why our specialised dentists recommend that an orthodontist be consulted at around the time when your child is about to start school at the latest so that the ideal time for any treatment that might be necessary can be coordinated. A referral by a dentist is not necessary.

Orthodontic treatment for all ages

There are still numerous possibilities for providing successful orthodontic treatment to adults as teeth can be moved all your life. Here, you will find information on the possibilities for adults.

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