Course of treatment

The first appointment

The focus of your first appointment in our practice is on detailed consultation and information. You start by explaining your problems, wishes and expectations, this being followed by a careful examination. The first acquaintance is especially important for our young patients as this forms the basis for the entire treatment procedure.

If orthodontic treatment should be necessary, then diagnostic documents such as denture models are generated. If we need to take X-Rays, we exclusively do so using a low-radiation and environmentally friendly digital X-Ray device.

A referral by your dentist is not required.

Treatment planning

Our team of specialised dentists develops your customised treatment plan on the basis of the diagnostic documents.

After completion of this comprehensive analysis, we explain the treatment steps to you and answer all of your questions.

Regular check-ups for a successful and fast therapy

Regular check-up appointments are necessary during the treatment. These are held at different intervals, depending on the treatment and the progress of the therapy. This is where we check whether the treatment is progressing as planned in addition to us readjusting the dental brackets.

Long-term stabilization

You expect us to provide you with straight teeth and perfectly functioning dentures all your life. However, the teeth tend to move all the time and this is where the long-term stabilization comes into its own as the final treatment phase.

What are known as 6-point retainers are used to stabilize the result of your treatment in the long-term. These are mounted on the inner surfaces of the bottom and/or top canine teeth. They are invisible and serve a comfortable long-term stabilization of the position of the incisors that is so important in aesthetic terms.

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