Lingual system: Internal braces

The physical appearance is important to both adolescents and adults. It is usually the first thing we notice about other people. The face in particular quickly catches the eye. Thus, many patients who require orthodontic treatment are looking for a discreet, inconspicuous solution.

There are several options for almost invisible braces. One of them is the so-called lingual system, where a fixed brace is placed on the inside instead of the outside of the teeth. Find out more about lingual treatment and why internal braces are a very good alternative to conventional braces.

What are lingual braces?

Show your smile, not your braces

The lingual system describes fixed braces that are gently attached to the inside of the teeth, making the braces practically invisible from the outside. Lingual braces therefore meet the highest aesthetic and medical standards. With the help of the lingual system, teeth can be corrected just as successfully as with more conspicuous braces on the outside of the teeth. Lingual braces therefore ensure a beautiful smile without aesthetic restrictions for the patient during the treatment. In addition, internal braces are much more gentle on the teeth, as the inside of the teeth is more resistant to demineralisation and caries.

What kind of braces are used for the lingual system?

We exclusively use the Incognito system and WIN system, which are custom-made brackets. The Incognito system uses golden brackets and is therefore nickel-free. It is furthermore particularly suitable for people who suffer from nickel and similar allergies. Just like Incognito, WIN lingual braces are of the highest quality and are also custom-made. It is the most frequently used lingual system in our practice.

All advantages of lingual braces at a glance

  • Excellent straightening of the teeth due to high-quality systems and individual planning
  • Invisible from the outside, therefore highly aesthetic
  • Gentle on teeth, lower caries risk
  • Depending on the lingual system, very suitable for allergy sufferers

Wie verläuft die Lingualbehandlung?

During the first examination, we will check which treatment method is suitable for you or your child. We will advise you individually to find the best treatment for you.

If the lingual system is a suitable option for you and you choose this method, we will take a dental impression or 3D scan of your teeth. This way, we can plan your custom-made lingual braces so that they will fit perfectly. The braces will be manufactured in a special German laboratory.

A dental impression is no longer necessary for planning your lingual braces. Instead, we work with a so-called 3D scanner. You can find more information on the digital 3D scanner here.

Another appointment is required for the insertion of the lingual braces. They will be placed behind the teeth. During this, the lingual brackets are bonded directly to the teeth and connected with an arch wire.

In the first few weeks after the braces have been inserted, there may be problems with pronunciation or chewing. This is perfectly normal during the short acclimatisation phase.

To ensure treatment success, regular check-ups are necessary.

After the actual lingual treatment has been successfully completed, the braces are removed. The result should then be secured. So-called retainers are used for this purpose. As opposed to actual braces with brackets, the lingual retainer is merely a thin wire. As with lingual braces, the retainer is attached to the inside of the teeth and is therefore not visible from the outside.

The retainer serves to secure the treatment result and ensures that the teeth do not move back into their original position.

Different lingual systems: Further information

Our practice is a certified member of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Linguale Orthopädie” (DGLO), the German Society for Lingual Orthodontics. We are also a certified member of the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO). Further information can be found at and

In lingual orthodontics, primarily two methods are applied: the Incognito system and the WIN system. Both are fixed braces on the inside of the teeth that are invisible from the outside, making them ideal for high aesthetic demands. We will advise you which system is the right one for you. You can also find more information on the following websites: WIN system Incognito system

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